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Analog 24hr Day & Night Cooling/Heating Therm

Analog 24hr day & night, cooling/heating thermostat • Controls heating or cooling equipment with bo..


Analog 24hr Recycling Timer

Cycle timer with day/night detection Controls any application requiring a device to be turned on an..


Analog CO2 Controller

The APCECO offers indoor gardeners an economical and simple method of monitoring and controlling CO2..


Analog Enviromental Controller

Control the temperature and humidity within your growing environment, the adjustable temperature and..


Autopilot Digital PH Controller

The Autopilot Digital pH Controller (APCEPH1) accurately and reliably measures and controls the pH o..


Autopilot Digital PX1 Lighting Controller

The Autopilot PX1 Digital Lighting Controller from Hydrofarm provides centralized, dual-zone digital..


Autopilot PH Controller Sampling Kit

pH sampling assembly. Allows for more accurate readings. Sampling kit includes a submersible pump, 3..


CO2 Generator AC Power Adapter

Autopilot CO2 Generator AC Power Adapter. 120V. Use the Autopilot CO2 generator AC power adapter to ..


CO2 Generator Brass Plug

CO2 Generator brass plug. Works with both natural gas and propane CO2 generators. Creates a reliable..


CO2 Generator LP 11,310-18,104 BTU 21.2 CU/FT Hr.

Safest and most reliable CO2 generators on the market. The easiest way to accelerate plant growth. ..


CO2 Generator LP 12' Regulator Hose

12' regulator hose for liquid propane CO2 generator. High quality regulator hose for use with Autopi..