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Boss 8in Multi-Drain

BOSS is a premium soilless organic grow media unique in its composition. BOSS is manufactured with e..


Boss 10in Multi-Drain 3 gal

Unique in its composition and is manufactured with extra washes to remove excess sodium.  Made from ..


Ready-Gro Air Mix (1.75 cu ft)

ReadyGro is a premium blend of select, all-natural and organic ingredients containing an optimum air..


Ready-Gro Moist Mix (1.75 cu ft)

Botanicare's Moisture formula is designed for outdoor use and is also suited for hand-watering or au..


Ready-Gro Super Sleeve 6in

Ready-Gro Super Sleeves are filled with a specialty, ready-to-use soilless substrate blend. Cut out ..


Slacker Single Formula 1.75cft

Quality is as important as yield in today's competitive marketplace. Slacker represents the latest i..